Profile: maraki

Firstname: zoe maria
Surname: (eoz airam)
Age: 31
Gender: female
Birthday: 21/01/1987
Country: United Kingdom
Channel status: chatter
Last modified: 01/01/13, 23:52

info abt me .. hmm i ll send u my book once ive written it lol. u curious ppl :P

Basic info is that im Greek and i like eating souvlaki, playing backgammon and drinking frape. I first came in the uk to study and indeed, i did finish psych and counselling and an MA in HRM and im currently unemployed looking for a rich man to make him poor so he remembers where he started from lol .

Ignore the last 2 sentences hahaha im just bored and writing bullshit just to fill the gap ;p

Enjoy ur lives and add colours in it ! many colors.. like a colorful pallete :)