Profile: Moi

Firstname: Stefan
Age: 66
Gender: male
Birthday: 18/03/1952
Country: Iceland
Channel status: operator
Last modified: 24/10/15, 19:40

You know... it doesnt matter how often you think about quiting this thingy.. you always quit quiting :p

For those that dont know:
I am a pretty old but young minded thing. I have been here for so and so many years and I will probably be here when you all have left :p
Strange when you think about it... after all, this is only a chat world :) But in here I have met many nice people, some nicer than others but most whom I consider to be good friends.
I strongly advice those that like it here and plan on staying for some time to make their own profile here, with picture preferably :) It is always nice to see who'm you are talking to :)

Have the nicest time chatting and feel free to pick on me if you need some help or info :)