This notice is intended for people who use server to connect to the IRCNET network. The reason for the notice is to explain the users how to join #worldchat channel and to briefly explain why we have been forced to set such restrictions.

We have had to ban server because almost all pornospambots are using this server to connect to irc. However, spambots are not the only ones who use the server. Unfortunately this means that some users have been banned as well.

If you are such a user and you would like to join #worldchat all you have to do is to change your ident to 'nospam' and then restart your irc client. For those less experienced with IRC here is the step-by-step instruction how to do that:

1. Run your favourite irc chat program (usually mIRC);
2. In any window type:
/identd on nospam
and press ENTER;
3. Restart your irc program (close it and run again);
4. After you have connected to the irc you should be able to join #worldchat;

We apologise for any inconvenience and wish you long hours of fine chats.

#worldchat crew
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