Yes a serious lack of updates lately. This is mostly due to me being busy. I will hopefully someday fix this site though unless.. YOU want to do it :) What needs to be done is writing a simple profile manager so we can interact with our users. If anyone has a good piece of php code laying around, feel free to send me. As me being a php coder I will read it though and scan it for security issues since I dont like those :D

Further more.. added a poll to the website in order to poll some channel changes. Its important in my mind to know what our users think instead of doing it all the way we think it should be (which isnt always the way it should be, so let yourself be heard!)

And last.. I have the honour to congratulate |JaM| with his new operatorship on #worldchat! Welcome aboard mate :) hopefully you'll stay around for a long time!

Thats it! And now you can wait another year for an update *nod*... I am busy! No not with IRC :)
- Your ever annoying and not always wise, Trancer
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