Some of you might have already heard the news, but one of the newest ops of #worldchat has married at 04 - 08 - 2007. Nickname Vaahto and he is one of the founders of #Pervert. He has been here since day...erm...zillion.

He married much too young at the age of 28.
I am shocked to hear this bad news (again). My condolences go to the couple. May one day both recover from this tragedy..
He will sorely be missed... Did they put him in hybernation? They might find a cure for it in the near future...
Congrats lil Vaahto! In few years we'll have lil vaahto's running around #worldchat. :)

Who was the unlucky guy? Coreck? Beachboy?
ROFL!!!! That was just too BIG piece of news...i'll never believe it :DDDDD
Poor guy, another one bit the dust
Litlle Vaatho's running around WC ? . urggh.. as it isnt enough to have the original :)
Well congrats anyway :)
He will be greatly missed indeed. Shall his tragedy be a lesson of what not to follow for youngsters.
Oh shush, vicu. It's not that bad, you know. ;p
hahah vicu.. there'll be time for you aswell :P
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