The common pshycological definitions of love is variable, as expected, but one of the most interesting parts of those definitions explained that love was in-part ěthe complete state of selflessnessî.

In itís essence, the leading force of actual love is how much you are willing to nurture your selfishness, thatís right. It may seem rather cold of me to point it out but itís the factual truth of the matter. You feel good when you are loved, you feel good when you love. You thrive for making someone feel deserved and in turn you feel the same, cause and effect. The only apparent arguments against this is ranging from the respectable; ěNO, YOU ARE WRONG!î to ěHow can you be selfish when you are in fact loving someone else than yourself?î Itís a simple matter, to be honest, it all lies in the fact that you are putting someoneís interests in front of yours for your own interest, you are experiencing positive emotions from the fact that you are loving somone, therefore selfishness becomes the source of your ability to love another person.

This is actually a thought is for those who havenít digested the term ěloveî and just taken it as ... ěItís just love!î ń itís a seed of thought, use it as such :)
I love you, ausa !!!
I love you, jamx !!!
Is this the place where I say "I love you, sepe!!" or so?
Ah well what the heck :P
Dem u gir... my brain is spinning. I thought that I was the ideal none selfish thing... and I also thought I knew what love is.. dem my brain hurts (whats left of it :p).
hmmm.... btw I dont love my selfe but I love beeing who I am :) and I love you some too ya pink thingy :* :)
Very beautiful Ausa, i'm baffled by your intellect
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