On behalf on the #worldchat team I wish everyone happy holidays and a great 2007!!! We hope we will see you all again next year.

Ps. The one who can guess the photoshop artist of the x-mas banner wins eternal fame!! Hint; look at the colors.
ausaz0r <3
Merry Christmas to you too, Rafnk!!!
So stylish!

Wish you all a merry xmas and an happy new year!
A kiss 2 you all. Thanks to exist #worldchat, our lil family!
Pure black! Deep red:P Paris H. sucks ^^

yes, Merry Xmas after Xmas ;p
Hey there, Its me puppyeyes :D do you still remember me :P (da spankstar) well, at the moment Im somwhere out in the norwegian sea, trying to fish something, I was trying to get on irc with no luck so I just decided to post my hi here :P see ya soon :D and yes happy new year everybody :) and yes me and makkan are still together going on 2 years :)
im back :)
where is fucking chatroom..........................
Have A Happy new year...
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