Altough the current poll on the site *cough* rocks, all ideas for a new poll are welcome. You can leave your idea for a new poll in the comments of this news message.

As Giu5eppe mentioned, I also think it would be a good idea to have a new poll not only about operators.

Miss/Mister #worldchat poll
On popular request i'm going to set up a poll for Miss/Mister #worldchat. This poll won't be a beauty contest, it's not just about who's the sexiest. Miss/Mister #worldchat will also be about who is the nicest chatter with the best personality.

What will happen now ?
First im going to set up the Miss #worldchat poll, then the Mister #worldchat. If you want to join this 'competition' (Miss or Mister) you have to send me (jamx) a message on IRC. Spread the word, so we can start the poll soon!!

Update Nr. 2
There have been some cheated votes (voting more then ones for the same person). Next cheating voter (i.e. giving one person a few votes) will recieve a nice ban to this website. Yes, that means you can never open this website again ;-)
Election of Miss and Mr Worldchat. Miss and Mr will be elected between only the users who have a profile active on Worldchat's website.
Miss and Mr must be elected not for their looking, but for the way they chat , in particular the most fun, clever, sympathic and friendly users
I think Giuseppe's idea is brilliant, lets vote for Miss and Mr Worldchat yea :D
i vote for juleena and giu5eppe
Hellow ppl :))
hehe Giu :)*
As if we don't have enough of the misses and misters
already.. well I wont stand in ur way, go for it if u wish :)
I vote for.. hmm.. will get back to ya with this :p
Giu5eppe's idea is awesome. :D
Hey All :D
Miss Worldchat - ausa`
Mr Worldchat - indi-

thats my choice :D <3 them both
Heeey" Yeah, Giu5eppe's idea is great!
And.. I vote for BLoNdiE and hmm.. luser:)
definitely BLoNdiE`and luser :D
hmm... you know tthis channel could really use a post some things and so.... I can set ii if someone wants?

i vote for xs4-1234 :)
/me spanks muisje with a smelly tuna fish.
Blonds and indi-.
dont spank, slap, kick ban also on here please =)))))))))))
it's my part of glory on the website!
shouldnt we wait with the voting thill theres actually a poll?

but ok if we are gonna vote here, these are my votes:

mister worldchat - mrk
miss worldchat - mrk

ty <3
lol zaakje you're a sweetiepie ;**
and I'll vote too:

mister worldchat - mrk
miss worldchat - mrk

looks like i've won both contests

i vote for blondie for miss worldchat
huh where'd the poll go
maka - read update nr2
aaahhhhhhhh people!!!!
Cheating also on a poll?
that's sick!
Where the heck can I find this poll? ;p
Jamx, when is it gonna start again the poll??????
it should be a possibillity to post a vote in a simple manner,,, let the OPers give a digit to use when votes are casted, only those that get a digit can vote
I vote for ausa and Da_Imp :D
BLoNdiE' yeah! she could be miss WorldChat, then .. . indi- as mr (or miss) :P worldchat!
!!!!11!!111!!!!1 r0x!
mmmm my 1st hack :D pwned by magixa :P
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