On behalf of the worldchat team im saying sorry for the problems you will experience in IRCNet's #worldchat. Some people tookover our channel and are in control now. We hope to be able to fix this problem.

As you can see in #worldchat, we have the channel back since last night. Thanks a lot for everyone's support ;-)
doh them f00king h00kers
I think it's stupid to act in this way. Why take over a channel? I think it's just a jealous crew. This channel is really the best on the net. zaakje they aren't hackers, just stupid lamah!
/me applause to all lamah who took over this channel - I'm sure u'll be happy now. Sometimes channel wont be the same with different ops ... this is that time.

....i mean....could it be any lamer than this? ...wtf they did?! is it so hard to start a new chan rather than hacking the kewlest possible chan?! do they have too riun anything thats better than them lamers?!?!?.......deeply pissed off....i hope ull manage to fix the problem and whoop those asses away :( good luck **nasta
that's just pa-the-tic.On their's channel noone would get into, they wanted to have a power, now probably they do have it, but.. sooner oda later it'll become empty.CAUSE OF SUCHA FREAKS.I cannot capish. ;/

Anyway wish you good luck, hope you will fix the problem.And soon will have everything under control =]
wow i'm so happy that our channel is back in your control, blah i hate those lamers who think hacking is cool...they only showed their stupidity once again....
but anyways thx to u ops for getting the channel back, u ROCK!!! :D:D:D
reality check! ;) go on like always..
first smart thing i have read by mill0r
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