The #Worldchat crew wishes everyone a happy new year. We hope you will have a nice time chatting in our channel again this year.

- The #Worldchat crew

PS. you can put your new years wishes in the comments of this news item ;-)

ill give the good example: happy new year and merry xmass!
I Hope my men will be less drunk this year.
Or not Zaakje?
All the best for every one in 2006
U will have to hide the beer from me, wijf...
HNY to u as well :D
hey! i was in and looked little bit... and i must say i don't see anyone that i know... last time i was on irc lost maybe... maybe someone Do know me... would be fun to talk again! *hugs*
Hi everybody, had a great start to the new year,, hope you have too. Anybody interested in chatting about life, politics, fun, the world, anything, looking for different points of view to mine. I don't have too many bigotted views other than an irational fear of olives and avocado's, don't know why they have never done me any harm. I'm currently interested in cycling, climbing and newest song I've listened to is kanya west 'gold digger'
HI...happy new year to all....i've just discovered #worldchat , and i can say : worldchat is better :D kiss
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