I have changed 2 things on www.worldch.at

- A small function to lookup who is using the webchat. Since there are much more webchat users it can be useful to find out WHO is the person using it (which hostname). To use this, you have to fill in the 'ident' of this user. The ident is weird code in: 5280b91b@webchat.xs4all.nl. Other webchat clients like chat.ircnet.org should work aswell..

- Since i had reactions like 'all polls on the website suck', i got pissed and removed the poll. But because i still want to keep this function on the website, every 'moderator' of www.worldch.at can create the polls from now on. To do this, he/she just has to login and go to the moderator page. Maybe someone else is willing to get these kinda reactions ;-)

There are still enough things i would like to change on the website. Enough ideas, but not enough time and motivation. I would like to have a new design (plz moan at trancer for this, i suck with website design :p), extra functions for the profiles, extra functions for the moderators.. etc.. Im sure they will come some day, just give me some time ;P
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