Whats worldchat?

#worldchat is a channel or chatroom on one of the largest IRCNetworks (IRCNet). It is a place where people from all over the world meet, talk and try to have a good time.

You will find up to 350 users there from time to time. Not all chatting together ofcourse, otherwise it would be a bit busy! Most users hop to a private window to chat with friends they have met on #worldchat or people that are sharing interests. These interests are always very different because of the mix of nationalities and types of persons. This often leads to funny conversations aswell as very philospohical discussions. Feel free to join up!

The topics are various, people talk about war and peace, love and hate, music and movies or whatever comes in mind. You need some instant-entertainment? Join up and see for yourself! Make sure to read the few basic rules we have before you join.

If you wonder who populates #worldchat nowadays take a look in our peoples section! All the people are waiting for you!

If any interesting stuff happens, we will post it in the News section so you can all be up to date.

Have fun!

The #worldchat crew :)


Quick guide to start chatting:

Download an IRC program (www.mirc.com or www.xchat.org), install it and set the basic settings like a nickname. Connect to IRCNet server, you can find a list of these servers at http://www.ircnet.com/index.php?&p=5. If possible, connect to a server in your own country. Are you from italy? Then connect with the command "/server irc2.tin.it" for example. When connected you can join the channel with /join #worldchat. In case of any problems joining #worldchat, ask help in #help or #irc-help.
If this sounds all too difficult for you, use the webchat at webchat.xs4all.nl.